Did you know that the air we breathe every day is not necessarily 100% clean? It’s because, there is dust, bacteria, even harmful substances that are invisible in the air around us. If the air around us is not clean, then we also breathe the air. Well, breathing dirty air every day can affect the health conditions of our respiratory and immune systems. Is there an easiest way to clean the air in the house? Perhaps you may also consider calling professionals from Sears Clean to clean your air duct.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will share 3 tips so you can make the air quality at home better, such as:

1. Clean the vents and windows

One of the simplest ways to clean the air in your home is to start by cleaning the vents and windows. As the air inlet, ventilation and windows in your home must be really clean. Make sure there is no dust on the vents and windows so that the air that comes in from the outside is also really clean.

2. Open the window every day

Does your house use air conditioning? There is nothing wrong with the use of AC in the house, but the way to clean the air in the room is to open the window every day. When the air conditioner has been turned off, open the window wide so that there is an exchange of air from inside the house with air from outside. Open the window every morning, around 5-7 in the morning. The air at these hours is still fresh and it doesn’t carry the heat yet.

3. Clean the furniture at home

The cause of dusty rooms does not always come from outside the house, but it could be the cause is inside the house. Furniture that has not been cleaned for a long time will be covered by thick dust. This dust is what makes the air in the house so polluted. How to clean the air at home you can do by cleaning the furniture every few weeks. Do not wait for your furniture to dust so that the air in the house is not polluted. Clean all furniture every 1-2 weeks.