Loyalty cannot only come from one party in a marriage. If a husband demands a wife to be loyal, then he must give the same example. You cannot want your wife to be loyal if you still show the characteristics of your cheating husband. Show loyalty to your wife in various ways, such as how to maintain the eyes of the opposite sex who are not muhrim so that they are not tempted, not seduce each other through social media, intimate chatting, and anything that opens the door to the affair. On the other hand, you can hire the company of Stillinger Investigations if you think that your wife is cheating, but you also want to find the truth about your suspicion.

Show Responsibility

One of the husband’s lawlessness to his wife is if the husband cannot show his responsibility to his wife. Lack of husband’s sense of responsibility can be the cause of divorce from husband and wife. The form of responsibility from husband to wife varies.

Among them are responsibilities regarding finances, livelihood or inner income to the wife, responsibility to the child, the household, and the two families. If all these things are not fulfilled by the husband, it will be difficult to prevent the wife from cheating. Conversely, if the husband tries to fulfill his responsibilities properly, his wife will certainly appreciate every effort and will not have the heart to cheat.

Always Know Your Wife’s Activities

The wife is required to know how to worship her husband by always asking permission and preaching his existence if he is outside the house to the husband. Thus the husband will be able to have a way of knowing the wife is lying or not to him and can know immediately if there are traits – characteristics of a cheating wife.

Knowing the wife’s activities does not mean that the husband must behave like a possessive person by requiring the wife to report to him at all times. But more to give attention to all the interests and activities of the wife outside the home. Balance with yourself so you can do the same thing, that is always giving the info to your wife.