If you like reading self-development books, of course, you will be familiar with the term Fly High british life skills. Whatever your dreams are, of course, you want to be on an international scale. Mastering English, you can make your dreams come true. Still, don’t understand what that means? So, for example, you want to be a doctor, teacher, programmer or other professions, with high-level English skills, you can work in an international company with a dollar salary. Seductive, is not it? Now, before that, you have to take a number of English tests, from A1 English test, a2 english test, to advanced level.

Achieving ideals may still require many things. Okay, then let’s talk now. If you are proficient in English, you can communicate with people all over the world. Want to find an American friend, you can. Want to make friends with Australians, very easy. Want to chat with Indians, please. It can all be done as long as you are able to speak the world. Remember, everyone we meet can be the beginning of our success because many of the people we see in Forbes magazine as the richest people in the world today begin from their collaboration with people they know in a short amount of time. Never underestimate everyone you meet from various countries, take any of their knowledge that you think can help develop your abilities.

If you have the intention to continue your education abroad, many scholarship programs and student exchanges abroad can be followed and one of the absolute requirements is foreign language proficiency, namely English. In fact, having relations or friends abroad you are creating opportunities for yourself. It may be that they will provide information so that makes you fly high abroad. Everything is possible, right?

So, don’t waste your time just browsing on the internet or social media to look for temporary things. Invite some people from abroad who you don’t know before and invite them to communicate. Maybe that is your first step to success.