If the UI focuses on user interaction with the program, UX focuses on the user experience in using a web or mobile application. A UI designer will design a web or mobile application program according to the user’s needs. So, when using the program the user is easier and has no difficulties. You need definitely need to know this before you hire a ui ux designer.

Meanwhile, UX designers make programs based on the experience of its users. What is felt and what difficulties are encountered when using the program.

Actually, both of them have the same goal in designing web or mobile application programs, which is to make it easier to use. Therefore, often in the process of designing a program, UI and UX designers are always in one team. Because, with the combination of both, a web or mobile application program becomes very easy to use by users without having to read the guide. Often, UI and UX designers exchange analytical data to perfect the program that is being created.

It’s clear isn’t the difference? So, UI and UX are actually different. The difference is in the main focus. UI focuses on user needs for web or mobile application programs, while UX focuses on user experience.