Treating drug and alcohol abuse is not an easy job that is why it is better to get help from a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. This illness could happen to anyone because the cause or factors could be anything. Even though the detoxification process is really important in recovery, a treatment for someone suffering from addiction is not only that. Counseling is needed in order to fully recover from substance abuse. Counseling will help the attachment disorder that is the most common cause of substance abuse. In the first five years of life children learn the basics of security and trust in a relationship and when there is attachment deficit like unstable living environment, abuse, neglect or absent parents they will build a coping mechanism that could be developed into an addiction for the attachment they crave. Understanding the issue might give a better understanding of why the behavior of substance abuse developed.

Many people abuse substance because they experience high-level stress. Addiction counseling will help people learn how to cope with stress in a more healthy way. It could also reduce the craving for they know fully what causes it and how to handle it. Counseling also provides a safe environment to share because there are times when people just need to be heard. By sharing experience the patients could also learn something new about other people and the illness they suffer so they have a better understanding towards themselves and the substance abuse issue. Group therapy and counseling also creating relationship and connection to help people realize that they are not alone and help or support will always be there. Other than that counseling could also help other issues that might worsen the condition of substance abuse like mental illness or trauma. So, a full recovery physically and mentally is really important to ensure that the people suffer from it get a second chance in living healthy.