In starting to learn affiliate marketing there are some things you need to know, namely: People who make money this way are called affiliates or affiliate marketers. Sometimes they are also called associations or partner programs. If you register at an affiliate-owned merchant affiliate program that means that we register as a member of their online sales lineup. In the meantime, you may read clickfunnels review reddit if you wish to know more about a reliable affiliate marketing software.

Other words for affiliate programs are associate programs, partner programs or revenue sharing programs. All are the same, only the words are different. The term more commonly used in the world of affiliate marketing is the “affiliate program”. Of course, we want to know how the affiliate marketing business works on the internet so we can make a profit. In online business all affiliate marketers make sales through ‘special links’, also known as ‘affiliate links’.

In learning affiliate marketing, we also need to know the affiliate links provided by affiliate merchants (item owners). The way the affiliate link works is as follows: For example, we promote a product with a special affiliate link that we have gotten from the product provider, then there are people who buy the product through the link that we promoted earlier, then we will get a commission for successfully selling.

After we learn to learn affiliate marketing, please note that they give us a commission of 30% -75% on every sale we make. The next step to becoming an affiliate is to enroll in an affiliate program by filling out a form. The contents usually express our agreement to the terms and conditions determined by the affiliate merchant, such as not being allowed to send spam or commercial emails that are not wanted by the owner of the email.

The Affiliate Agreement is important because if we violate the terms and conditions that have been made, they will not hesitate to expel us from their affiliate program. Now, after we state that we are willing to abide by the affiliate agreement, the affiliate merchant will provide an ‘affiliate link’ to us. Our next task is to promote affiliate links according to the needs that we later want to promote according to our needs.