More than eight hours each day office workers spend time in office space. Saturated must be felt by all office workers. Especially if every day you stare only that and that in the room Not to mention the problem of office space that is so narrow. When it happens, perhaps you think of finding a more spacious coworking space near me.

However, you do not need to worry, you can deal with a narrow office space with 3 tips below to make it look more spacious:

1. Remove the boundary partition

Office space will appear narrower if you provide a divider or divider over another room. This bulkhead does indeed provide beauty because it looks neatly arranged and well. But providing a barrier is the same as removing a few centimeters of the room to put a barrier. Not to mention the problem of appearance, the room will seem cramped.

Better, remove the barrier. In addition to getting a few extra centimeters of the former room divider, office space will also look more spacious. What is important, trim some of the furniture that you cover with these boundaries.

2. Use Large Doors and Windows

Get around the office to make it look comfortable and spacious is to install windows and doors that are relatively large. These windows and doors provide a wider view when you sit in the room. This view also doubles the comfort of your everyday room.

In addition, a large window will also ensure smooth air circulation. The light entering the room will be perfect so that the room looks brighter and bigger.

3. Choose Bright Wall and Floor Colors

To anticipate that your small office space looks comfortable and a large one of them by utilizing the choice of wall and floor colors. Use bright wall paint colors, if necessary use a combination of colors to make it look brighter. Bright colors on the walls will give a refreshing impression.

For the floor too. Use a bright floor color. Do not use a black floor because it seems unattractive and not pleasing to the eye. The impression of a narrow room will also appear from dark color. Better to use bright colors on the floor and walls.