Choosing the right shower doors does require a little knowledge of each type of door that we will use. The development of the world of modern architecture has brought significant changes to some building materials that are now available on the market, including the door to the room where the body is cleaned

In general, the type of door is distinguished by the material used to make it, namely wood, aluminium, glass and PVC. Now to determine which is better than the type of PVC, glass or aluminium shower door, here are the reviews:

1. PVC (Vinyl) Bathroom Door

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material is almost similar to plastic, its nature is lightweight, anti-corrosion and has a practical function that makes it more and more popular with the public. With these characteristics, the installation of PVC bathroom door is quite fast and easy.

Some of the advantages of bathroom doors made of PVC are their lightweight making it easier for users when opening or closing them. Furthermore, of course, this door is more durable because it will not be damaged by water or moisture, in terms of PVC door prices are also cheaper compared to other types of bathroom doors.

But behind the advantages of PVC material, of course also has disadvantages such as, for some people the lightweight is considered less strong and easily broken if hit by a hard object collision.

2. Glass Shower Door

This type of glass door is usually used by hotel and apartment buildings. In terms of aesthetics, the glass material does look more luxurious and exclusive, besides that the use of glass shower doors is generally used for bathroom models that are more privacy and are in a special room. But if you want to use it at home, you can choose the type of ice glass that is not transparent, so that the privacy of its users can be maintained.

The advantages of the glass shower door in addition to making it look luxurious and elegant are to make the room feel more spacious because of the influence of light reflection from the glass itself and does not show as a screen. Glass can also be decorated with decorative stickers to add value to its beauty.

While the drawbacks in terms of weight can indeed be heavier than wooden doors, then if hit hard and there are cracked parts it will be difficult to repair again and tend to cracks will continue to spread until broken. In terms of glass door maintenance also requires extra chemicals in cleaning it, because usually, dirt such as herbs that have been sticking for a long time will be very clean if used with plain water.

3. Aluminum Bathroom Door

This type of aluminium bathroom door is known to be resistant to water, termites and will not be exposed to corrosion. The advantages of the aluminium bathroom door are more durable and also has a lightweight, the model can be designed according to taste and can also be combined with glass. In terms of maintenance it’s easier because besides being easy to clean, the colour also doesn’t change much and won’t require repainting.

The weakness of the aluminium bathroom door usually changes due to the intensity of the movement of the door, given the tightening of the door hinges are only done with quiet nails which if it has changed its position then there will be wear and tear which results in the door becoming loose or not fit anymore. Also in terms of aesthetics will feel more monotonous because it is only available in limited colours.

That is a review of three types of bathroom doors based on the ingredients, hopefully, the above exposure can be used as a reference for you to determine whether the type of PVC, glass or aluminium bathroom door that will be used in the bathroom of your home, thank you, hopefully useful.