Marble stone material is vulnerable to spills. So, don’t be surprised if many people choose to apply paint on the marble stone surface. The marble surface of the table is sensitive to wine, coffee, orange juice, and a number of other acidic liquids. Additionally, if your marble table looks dirty, the Miele Electric Dryers and other cooking utensils that you have placed near the table might not look neat anymore.

For that, there are three tips that can be applied to overcome them, such as:

First, if you spill some liquid on a marble table, you must clean it immediately. You can clean with a wet cloth immediately.

This must be done so that the liquid does not absorb into the marble stone material. This liquid has the potential to leave a large and fade marble stone.

Second, after that, cover the area with talcum powder to remove any liquid that might have absorbed. This powder can indeed absorb.

Third, the last step is to clean the remaining dirt with a clean cloth. Furthermore, you can clean it by giving a little water. After that, you only need to wipe with a microfiber cloth.