Employees who work together with an employment agency have a maximum of three years in a single period of cooperation. When your company needs non-strategic personnel, meaning that it is not a person who has the authority to make decisions, then working with an employment agency can be a simple solution. The staff provided is also diverse, ranging from cleaning, security, receptionist, and other non-strategic positions such as those provided by staffing agencies columbia sc . There are a number of things you need to understand before using the services of a staffing agency company.

Paying Salaries as Employee Rights of Employee Agencies
The issue of salary payments is the responsibility of your company when using this service and employee rights, actually not too complicated. Payments are generally made to the employment agency that you work with in terms of providing employees, only then to be distributed to employees who work. If then there is an issue regarding the salary deduction received, generally this deduction is the policy of the employment agency which is usually accepted in other forms such as health insurance or other facilities for the convenience of employee work. Paying monthly salaries is a matter for your company with the chosen employment agency. It’s not a matter of your company with employees from the employment agency.

Work Agreement and Contract of Work
Pay attention to the employment agreement offered by the employment agency that will become your partner. Try the agreement made does not bring a negative impact from your company. Although the welfare of employees of the employment agency is not directly your responsibility, it is a good idea to take a close look at the points in the employment agreement, so that you understand very well what is the basis of the collaboration. Strive for every written rights and obligation clearly and clearly so as to avoid irresponsible employment agencies and to impose them on your company.

Leaning Issues Regarding employment agencies
Various slanted issues often sound related to this work system. Welfare is the main issue and most discussed. Actually, if you obey the rules and ideal patterns that already exist, the welfare of employees of the employment agency will certainly not be a problem because the basic calculation of salary is the Provincial Minimum Wage. However, this issue often arises because there are still a number of ‘naughty’ staffing agencies who are not transparent about the amount of salary and deductions made. Look at the employment agency that you will work with and make sure the company has a good track recorder so that it will not bring a bad name to your company.